Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


It's a showdown at Kitty Coral! This is Pepper who always drinks water from the faucet in the tub. He is staring at Cinnamon who decided  to climb onto the tub ledge, like "How dare you?"
Cinnamon is staring back at Pepper as if to taunt him.
Ahh!! This is what I was waiting for!!


Can you imagine being able to fall asleep anywhere by just flopping or hanging your "paws" off the sofa? Ohh, to have the life of a, sleep, play, repeat. Where do I sign up?

On a side note for Awkward and Awesome best girlfriend, Lauren, watches her niece for her sister when she needs it. On Monday, it was a gorgeous day out and she had the back door open at her home watching her niece and doing schoolwork. She text me and said, "Soo, there is a blue jay who keeps flying in from the back door and keeps eating out of the dog bowl!" I told her, "Be careful. Blue jays are mean birds!" She said, "I just threw a lemon at him. That'll teach him!"   After that, no sign of the blue jay. HA!
 On Tuesday, Lauren text me this message, "Haaaa! So Steve (her brother-in-law) told me a blue jay flew in the house, pooped on the floor, and left!"  Guess the blue jay had the last say!!

I think that qualifies as both Awkward and Awesome!! :)

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  1. Love both your awkward and awesome! This is so funny!